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About Us

Globikal Group has been uniting many international companies under a single management for over 5 years.

We serve private and corporate clients, combine the interests of business and states, ensure the uninterrupted supply of various goods from Turkey to Europe, Russia, the Persian Gulf and Asian countries, as well as the legalization of foreign clients' business. We also provide full legal support for all transactions made in Turkey, and act as a guarantor for fund transfers and delivery of various goods and services. Everything you are looking for separately to ensure the creation and development of your business is now gathered in a single system.

Our consultants are always with you to make the best decisions.

Professional Management:
We combine a number of international companies in the following areas:
- Legal support
- Consultancy
- Production organization
- Finding requested goods (any category)
- logistics services
- money transfer
- Supplier database
- Trading platform for wholesalers

For start-ups, investors and those who already have their own business:

You no longer need to waste time searching for the necessary contacts, suppliers, translators, study the legislation of another country, weigh the risks and analyze the market. We offer a finished product, calculating everything for you.

Working principles:

- Honesty towards customers
- Environmental friendliness of relations
- Guaranteed result
- Reliability
- Safety
- Protection and representation of the interests of all parties
- Continuous development and training of our employees
- Continuous development of various aspects and searching for the best solutions
- We only work with those who are ready to make the world better.


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